Embracing essential values

Our Values

Organizations that are positioned for success in an integrated healthcare system are defined by their willingness to embrace five essential service delivery practice values:

Be Connected               Increase time spent serving people and providers rather than simply meeting system requirements

Be Accessible               Shift from scheduling individuals to actually seeing them.

Be Efficient                  Cover the true cost of care while increasing provider capacity to deliver quality services

Be Accountable           Demonstrate that the individuals you serve are getting better

Be Willing to Change   Drive transformational change, don’t let it drive you



Focus on serving people and providers rather than simply meeting system requirements

Healthcare providers must ask the fundamental question when thinking about the individuals you serve: “did they get what they needed from their first engagement?”  If the answer is no, you may have been so focused on meeting system requirements that you missed a critical opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to someone seeking your help. The other essential question for providers: “how can we leverage each other’s strengths if we are separated by procedures, silos and legacy practices?” Providers – and the individuals you serve – thrive when practitioners are connected, both in terms of systems and culture.

MTM Services knows how to change organizational infrastructure in order to change organizational culture. When internal operations are more integrated, clinicians and staff can support one another, streamline service delivery processes, engage more efficiently with other organizations to maximize referrals and, ultimately, improve the consumer experience.

MTM products that enhance connections include:



Shift focus from scheduling consumers to actually seeing them

What message does your current intake system send to your consumers? Long wait times undermine the delivery of today’s most needed and in-demand healthcare services. If the time between initial intake and the first meaningful encounter with a provider takes too long, then many individuals drop out before actual treatment begins as the message they receive is that their needs are not important to you. Intake enrollment is no longer a measurement of success for physical health providers – and particularly for critical specialty services, including mental health and substance use disorder care as well as intellectual / developmental disability services. Same-day access to care is the future, and it begins today.

MTM Services positions providers to operate under new models that emphasize timely access while improving quality of care, outcomes and costs. The shift begins with a redesign of the initial screening and intake process to ensure it is built around a single goal: to connect individuals with quality treatment and care as quickly as possible.

MTM products that promote accessibility include:


Shifting focus from scheduling consumers to actually seeing them



Cover the true cost of care while increasing capacity to provide high quality services

The era of using billable rates to measure staff capacity is coming to an end.  When too many individuals seeking care fail to show up for appointments, providers not only lose the opportunity to serve other individuals that need healthcare services, they also lose the opportunity to bill for clinicians’ time.  

MTM Services works with providers to confront the “false reality of full” – the belief that capacity can be measured by scheduled appointments rather than actual billable hours delivered and consumer-level outcomes achieved.  In doing so, we help providers understand the true cost of care – and why it matters – in order to maximize fee collection, support important back office functions, drive efficiency, demonstrate value and, most importantly, increase capacity to serve individuals seeking care.

MTM products that increase efficiencies include:



Demonstrating that consumers are getting better

In the era of value-based care, revenue is no longer tied to enrollment numbers or quantity of services delivered.  Providers are asked to be accountable for outcomes – not just to payors, but also to the individuals who deserve quality care that helps them get better. But how do you know if the treatment services provided by your organization are working? How can you tell if people are improving?

MTM Services has the tools to not only organize treatment plans, but also analyze risk stratified outcomes by diagnostic group to demonstrate changes in functionality. We help providers determine the consumer-level value of care provided based on the cost of services and outcomes achieved.  The result: providers are positioned to be accountable to payors and partners, but also to individuals they serve who deserve access to care that will help them get better.

MTM products that increase accountability include:

to Change   


Drive transformational change, don’t let it drive you

In a rapidly shifting healthcare environment defined by new payment models, changing performance requirements and evolving consumer needs, is your management team ready to lead the necessary transformation of clinical and operational practices? Is your staff ready to follow them? Effective leaders must be willing to question assumptions, revisit well-established systems and use data to inform timely decision-making. In the search for new funding sources, leaders will need to be entrepreneurial, building new relationships while tending to existing ones. Future success will require integrated teams that are ready to embrace change. And throughout the process, the focus on delivering quality care will only intensify.

MTM Services specializes in leadership skills development to drive transformational change, because we know incremental change will never achieve systemic results. Change requires leadership, the willingness to do more than tweak the system. And leaders must be able to manage change in order to make it real and lasting. We know how to bring the pieces together – from systems and procedures to strategic planning and coaching –  to ensure organizations are well-positioned for the future.

MTM products that drive transformational change include: