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David Lloyd

David Lloyd

Founder, Senior SPQM State Level Data Consultant and Senior National Council Consultant

David is widely recognized for his ability to turn complex data into actionable information that guides management and operational decision-making to make life better for primary and specialty health providers and the consumers they serve.  He specializes in supporting leadership development within organizations as they adapt to changing payment and system models.  David is the recipient of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s 2014 Visionary Leadership Award and has served as faculty for several National Council leadership programs for C-suite executives.

David’s management expertise is built on over 50 years of work with a for-profit multi-national corporation as well as consulting with more than 800 private for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations.  He began his behavioral health career first as a member of the board of directors of a CBHO with over 300 clinical staff serving more than 8,000 people in North Carolina.  He later joined the staff as assistant area director for operations and then assistant area director for program services.   

David has developed service process models, principles and solutions designed to help CBHOs deliver “best value” accountable care. That expertise is contained in three books he has authored - How to Maximize Service Capacity, How to Deliver Accountable Care and Leadership Skills to Support High Functioning Teams.  He is also the co-author, with other members of the MTM Team, of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s resource, Operationalizing Healthcare Reform.  Over the past two decades, these publications have been used by thousands of CBHO leadership teams to support change management in conjunction with evolving funding and external accountability requirements.