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Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring


In the new payment environments, providers must demonstrate measurable outcomes in order to demonstrate value of care.  The Daily Living Activities–20 (DLA-20) enables clinicians to measure the everyday parts of life impacted by mental illness or disability and support the functional assessment data needs of service providers. It provides a 30-day snap shot of 20 domains and a summary of strengths and needs at a specific point in time related to whole health.

MTM has trained over 500 provider organizations in 43 states and over 35,000 clinicians, who in turn have served more than 1 million consumers.

Download the DLA-20 Fact Sheet


New for 2019-DLA-20 Self Report

Building on 20 years of experience, providers using the DLA-20 now have an important new tool: the DLA-20 Self Report enriches measurement and assessment efforts while increasing consumer engagement in the treatment process.

Download the DLA-20 Self Report Fact Sheet