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Jennifer Hibbard

JIT Operations Consultant and National Council Consultant

Jennifer is an expert at supporting and improving operations and service delivery for specialty health providers.  She combines her experience as a front-line provider, working with adults, children and adolescents with a broad array of mental health and substance abuse issues, with the knowledge that comes from serving as part of the executive management team.  Jennifer brings the additional insight of having been a client of MTM.  She provides peer support and guidance to help organizations not only implement Just In Time prescriber scheduling and performance standards for clinical and nonclinical staff, but also to sustain the changes and enhance service delivery over time.

Jennifer works with large and small systems of behavioral health providers as an MTM consultant.  In addition, she is the chief executive officer at View Point Health, an agency providing safety net services for more than 13,000 individuals with behavioral health and developmental disabilities in Georgia. Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a member of the American Counselors Association.