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Valerie Westhead, MD

Medical Operations Consultant and Senior National Council Consultant

Dr. Westhead is board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine whose work focuses on the intersection of mental health/substance use disorders and the criminal justice system.  Dr. Westhead helps providers develop and implement integrated services that respond to the complex needs of today’s patient population in the communities in which they live.  Often working in conjunction with civic partners – from problem solving courts to juvenile detention facilities and direct treatment providers to community action committees – she brings organizations and systems together to fulfill their essential roles in patient recovery and wellness.

In addition to her work with MTM, Dr. Westhead is the chief medical officer at Aspire Health Partners, a comprehensive community behavioral healthcare organization serving Central Florida. She is the psychiatric consultant to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, where her duties include providing psychiatric care in the adult and juvenile correction system as well as working with the problem-solving court system that includes drug, mental health and drug courts.  She is chair of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Task Force in Seminole County, which brings treatment providers, criminal justice leaders, and government officials together to work on meaningful change to improve the care of those struggling with mental health and addiction conditions.